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Glass and Gas Sculptures of Mundy Hepburn

Mundy's sculpture

Mundy Hepburn makes  blown glass forms and fills them with rare gas mixtures such as helium, neon argon, krypton, and xenon. He activates the glass with high frequency static electricity, causing it to come alive with a kaleidoscope of swirling patterns of multicolored light. The science behind this kind of work is based on the same principle as the TV set and the fluorescent light. Because so little power is used,only about 50 watts, they will last a very long time. Early ones, 22 years old, still work.    In 1963, when he was 8 , he saw Paul Geyer making glass animals at the Guilford  Handcraft Fair. When young Mundy got home he began plotting his first experiment. After making sure his parents were safely upstairs, he melted an old light bulb on the kitchen stove, a gas stove called " Magic Chef ".  The experiments continue to this day. He builds his own special flame tools in order to work glass from 10 feet tall to very small. Over the years, he has invented gas mixtures, glass compositions, transformers, and working techniques in his efforts to make good art.